Help!!! Awning needs panels to let light in. How?

Our patio is very long, no daylight gets into the kitchen or TV room area. It is really dark in there. However, we live in an extremely hot area in CA. I would like to remove a couple of panels and put in some translucent panels in 2 places. We looked at a couple of places for panels long and strong enough to replace the aluminum panels with, but couldn't find any. I don't want to leave the 2 places uncovered due to sun and dust,dirt,leaves etc falling in. I really could use some help.....any suggestions friends? I really need light in the kitchen and TV room. Skylights or solar tubes are not an option right now,they might make the rooms too hot. We are talking a possible 118 degrees here in summer. Gasp! HELP!
q help awning needs panels to let light in how, cosmetic changes, home improvement
q help awning needs panels to let light in how, cosmetic changes, home improvement
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  • Trish Trish on Apr 02, 2016
    we had the same problem, went to home depot and purchased SunTuff panels and installed them over the windows and doors and left the remaining roof the same for strength. we were able to install in-between the wood beams 4' sections
  • Jean Myles Jean Myles on Apr 02, 2016
    Trish beat me to it.I had the same idea.
  • Trish Trish on Apr 02, 2016
    the panels at the store are different lengths, but I will take a picture tomorrow and post. Made the world of difference in the bed & bathroom.
  • Trish Trish on Apr 02, 2016
    panels are different lengths depends on what you need. Our panels have been up for over 8 years and not yellowed. hard to see how much light as we just got snow. Even with the snow on it you can see how much light comes thru. Hope it helps. There are cheaper products but may yellow over time
    • Bernice H Bernice H on Apr 02, 2016
      Yes this helps. I will send over to hubs iPad...we will have to follow this up soon,before it gets too hot to work outside. 92 today.
  • Suzanne Stoltz Suzanne Stoltz on Apr 03, 2016
    you could always tack lattice panels or greenhouse netting on top of the polycarbonate panels if it is too hot with the summer sun. I have a shade room in Houston and doing that helped reduce the heat gain in summer.
  • Linda Eaker Linda Eaker on Apr 04, 2017
    If you cut back those shrubs from the top of that wall it let more light in.

    • Bernice H Bernice H on Apr 04, 2017
      hi...thanks! That was over a year ago! Actually those shrubs help keep the 110-120 degree sun off! We sold out and moved north..can't take 3-4 summer months of Palm Desert heat! 😱
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