Asked on Apr 4, 2012

PTAC unit in patio room - air conditioning not working.

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We had a patio room addition done in 2005. The Amana PTAC that was originally installed has quit cooling just a few weeks ago...not a biggy right now but will definitely be in a few weeks!!! We had "Right Now Heating and Air" come out and look at it and was charged $45 for the tech to tell us he couldn't find the charging port and couldn't recharge it. I searched for 5 min online and found that the charging port has to be added but that it's probably not going to fix the situation. After calling "Right Now" today to inquire about a call back from the tech, (he was going to look into recharging the system and other options) I was told that it would cost $2,000 to replace the unit. After telling the owner - Rodney - that I can buy the unit for $800 online (he said it would be $1,500 his cost) he told me that Amana would not honor the warranty if we bought it on the internet. However, after calling Amana, I found out that this is not true.
Now my question is that we're definitely not going to let this company do anything, does anyone know of a reputable company that will install a unit that we have already purchased?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Apr 5, 2012

    That can be the tricky part as most installer like to get a "package" deal. Its a bit like walking into a restaurant and asking the cook to grill up a steak you just handed them. at only 7 years old I'm still wondering if the older unit could be fixed instead of getting a new one?

  • Call Neese Jones.... I have used them in the past, they were very honest (actually charged me less than quoted for a job) and they continue to service one of my customers on semi annual service calls with no complaints (for 10 years)

  • Anita
    on Apr 18, 2012

    Thanks for the info...we did find a local company with a very good reputation to replace our unit....whatever you do, don't ever use Right Now Heating and Air...sent a tech out to charge us a $49 service call just to tell me that he had no clue how to recharge the unit!!! TERRIBLE...however, John from Comfort Control was a GEM...quick, easy and reasonable!!!

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