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Trench Planting Tomatoes

This is the first year that I'm planting my tomatoes in a trench rather than vertically. I have read that this method will allow the root system have more area to grow. I also upcycled a few milk jugs as a way to get the water to the roots without having to go through the soil. The milk jugs were cleaned and have small holes poked through to let the water go directly to the roots. These tomato plants are two Early Girls and a Celebrity. I can't wait to see what they yield! I also planted a little basil around them because basil makes the tomatoes taste better.
Trench planted tomato plants with slow watering upcycled milk jugs.
Trench planted tomato plants with slow watering upcycled milk jugs.

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  • Jim G
    on May 29, 2013

    So you simply put Milk jugs with a couple small holes in the bottom into the soil and let the water slowly feed the roots. I like that, especially for times when we wont be home a couple days. I'll do teh same this evening! In top feeder and in the ground.

    , Cherry Beef Tomatoes in top feeder with Strawberries too and Veg garden on side, Veg Garden Cucumbers Pumpkins from last fall Tomatoes Zuchini Black Egg Plant
  • Gary Stenzel
    on Oct 23, 2015

    I have had great luck with digging deeper or the trench method. I just use a post hole digger and make them really deep. the roots will grow wherever the stem is under the soil.

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