13 Gorgeous Ways to Bring Your Worn Kitchen Table Back to Life

Kitchen tables tend to get a lot of wear and tear - bring yours back from the brink with THIS

By Hometalk Highlights

Sand it back to natural and stain it darker

Stain is your best friend when your kitchen table is in need of a small refresher redo.

Use dark wax to bring out hidden details

If you've got those gorgeous details, flaunt them with wax!

Add a two-toned look by painting the legs

Wake up that tired kitchen staple by giving it a two-toned makeover.

Switch out the legs for a different style

New legs make all the difference! This table went from boring, blocky legs to these beauties!

Paint it a worn & weathered gray

Brush strokes of gray onto a scratched tabletop, to give it a sophisticated new look.

Sand it down and use a beachy mix of stains

Texture is a lifesaver when you're trying to hide the wear and tear of an old kitchen table.

Use colorful Unicorn Spit stain for rich hues

Fake a brand new kitchen table, by covering your current relic in a mix of colorful stains.

Embrace the age with a distressed paint top

Amp up your country charm, by covering your tabletop in a distressed coat of paint.

Use a pattern or image for your tabletop

Restyle your kitchen table by adding a grain sack stripe, or different bold pattern.

Add an aged look to the wood with liming wax

Liming wax will work its way into the wood and give the grain an aged & ancient appeal.

Paint the whole thing one solid, bold coat

Make that tired table the center of the kitchen once again, with a bright coat of paint.

Change the inset or plank on a new top

If your kitchen table once had a pretty inset, or if the table top is scratched, lay down planks.

Add embellishments and ornaments

Don't forget those embellishments! Add a little extra flair to an old table, with wood appliques.