How to Plant a Strawberry Jar That Lives!

Almost any plant will thrive in a strawberry jar planted this way! This one irresponsible woman left one at my garden center for months and we figured out a way to make it grow!
We grew and sold so many planted just like this! Herbs, strawberries, everything.
Use a paper tube and perlite to make a natural drainage system that keeps the plants watered and keeps the soil from compacting.
Strawberry Jar that LIVES!
Perlite is like puffed rice cereal, but made of rock.
Some soil and perlite goes in the bottom, but just perlite goes in the tube.
Plant in layers. Sprinkle pelleted or slow-release fertilizer in each layer.
Plant from the inside, gently pulling the plants through the holes.
One plant in the top for a one gallon strawberry pot. Three in the top for bigger pots.

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