Asked on Apr 7, 2012

Can I use Roundup's Poison Ivy killer on liriope that keeps coming up in my yard or do I need a different kind of

DORLISLouiseEvelyn R


Roundup? The label only says it can be used on other "brushy" plants.
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  • Wanda W
    on Apr 8, 2012

    Round up will kill ANYTHING it the product specificing brushy plants is kinda like "overkill" for herbaceous plants like lirope. Round up application to leaves makes the plant "think" it can no longer take up water so it withers from dehydration. .You can find more info on the Scotts website.

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Apr 8, 2012

    Yes it will kill the Liriope, but it will also kill any grass or plants that you wish to keep in your yard as well. You can use a foam brush applicator and just paint the Liriope, but you won't be killing the rhizomes underneath the plant. You will probably need to repeat each time you see new ones pop up for the next couple of years.

  • Louise
    on Apr 8, 2012

    I applied some Round up today with a foam brush to some of the liriope to see what would happen. Jeeez, so I have to KEEP applying it? This stuff used to fill my entire front yard (literally FILL the yard) so they'll pop up forever!! :-( I dug up the yard full a few years ago and planted shade grass, but it didn't last very long. Then last fall I had the yard tilled and pulled out all of the liriope I could. Is there any other way to eliminate it but keep the yard usable for the other plants I've put in?

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Apr 8, 2012

    I'm afraid there's no easy answer, Louise. You'll just have to keep after it and eventually you will be rid of it.

  • Evelyn R
    on Apr 8, 2012

    I made the mistake of planting some of this, too! Eventually - I'm still waiting for eventually after 15+ years! Last year I resorted to BLEACH! Showing some success.

  • Louise
    on Apr 8, 2012

    Had I known years ago this would never go away, I'd have re-thought the idea. Live and learn. :-)

  • Louise
    on Apr 15, 2012

    Painted lots of the liriope with Roundup and a sponge brush about a week or more ago now and none of it is showing the slightest desire to dry up, turn brown, die, or whatever. Tomorrow I guess I'll go out and start digging up the extra little boogers. VERY resistant stuff, this liriope!

    on Jun 18, 2015

    Try 1 gallon cider vinegar, 1/2 cup Dawn liquid and Epson salt ( which I left out because did not have any). This worked fie on a 3' thistle, dock. Only thing that needed a 2nd application was garlic. DO NOT get it on anything you want to grow.

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