Here's a Quilt I Made From My Husband's Old Jeans

My husband had a stack of old jeans that were just taking up space so I decided to make them into a quilt. This is an I Spy quilt, all the fabrics are different, no repeats. It's also a rag quilt because the edges are frayed.
I have a more detailed tutorial on my website.
I cut pairs of jeans open along the seams. I used a pasta bowl and sharpie to trace circles onto the inside of old jeans.
I cut out the circles using a nice sharp pair of scissors.
I figured out what size square would fit inside the circle and made a templete out of a manila file.
I marked the square on the wrong side of half the denim circles. I sewed circles into rows.
Before I sewed the rows together, I used a ruler to join the square markings on half the rows. This is my sewing line.
I then joined all the rows together. I pressed the seams open like you see below.
Before I started this sewing project I ordered I Spy pre cut fabric squares from ebay.
I pinned the fabric squares to the denim. I did this on the ironing board and slid an acrylic ruler under the quilt to avoid pinning to the ironing board cover.
Then, I stitched down the flaps using the presser foot edge as my guide. I did the stitching in long rows. I did all the horizontal stitching and then did the vertical stitching. It goes surprisingly fast.
This is what the quilt looked like at this stage.
Next, I attached the binding. My daughter picked out this funky yellow fabric.
I carefully clipped the seam allowance and tossed the quilt in the washing machine. I washed it twice, cleaning out the lint from the washing machine in between cycles. When the quilt was in the dryer, there was a TON of lint and I cleaned out the dryer vent several times while the quilt was drying.

Suggested materials:

  • Denim  (My closet)
  • Cotton Squares  (eBay)

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  • Linda May
    Linda May
    on May 15, 2019

    I'm going to be making this 🤗😍 I'm teased for being a Jeans hound. But, what about batting? I didn't see it in the tutorial. NP, I think that I can try it on a small quilt, and then bravely move to a larger scale. I will post when I get one done. Thank You for your share.

    • Rebecca Morales
      Rebecca Morales
      on Feb 2, 2020

      I wouldn’t use batting either. I was thinking that the jeans alone would make it heavy HOWEVER I wouldn’t want the back side against my body so before the trimming, maybe line the back with a lightweight brushed cotton material.

  • Teresa Duncan
    Teresa Duncan
    on Jul 9, 2019

    Did you not put any backing material on it?

    • Sharlene Leatherman
      Sharlene Leatherman
      on Dec 9, 2019

      From what I can see, the circles sewn together make the backing. The vertical and horizontal stitching make a nice pattern on the back.

  • Jimi Dawson
    Jimi Dawson
    on Sep 17, 2019

    love this quilt... but not sure how you stitch the circles together?

    please advise.


    • Rebecca Morales
      Rebecca Morales
      on Feb 2, 2020

      I looked at the tutorial and tried to understand it but maybe you’re like me and need a video. I went on YouTube and found Quilting Tutorials by Accuquilt. You can put sewing a circle quilt in the search bar. The one I found makes placemats but you’ll get the idea of how to sew the circles together.

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  • Clergylady
    on Jan 17, 2021

    Love the quilt. Actually super easy and looks complicated. Made with denim it is fine without batting or lining. It will be heavy and warm.

  • Ginny
    on Feb 8, 2021

    I may try a small one yours is spectacular

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