Asked on May 27, 2013

Pallet for indoor use?

Bonnie OvermanKimberly Barney


I've read a few articles and blogs regarding Pallets and DIY. I also read that beware on some use pallets for indoor use. I am wanting to do a small wall in my son's bathroom - mainly his WC (toilet area) only which it's separate from the shower room area. Any advice at all on anyone's take and experience on this project area.
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  • Kimberly Barney
    on May 27, 2013

    Make sure that the pallet is fire kiln and has not been treated with chemicals.

  • Bonnie Overman
    on May 28, 2013

    You can't hardly find pallets any more in the US that have been chemically treated...But to be on the safe side, I get mind at a pet food store....Although I built my Goat barn with pallets I got from the home depot garden dept. There's a stamp (you'll have to google) that tells you if they are chemically treated or not...

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