Asked on Apr 9, 2012

I have a real wood burning fireplace that had a gas log insert. The gas is now capped. I don't want another log insert

Baby HWalter Reeves3po3


Can a fireplace that uses something like the gel/can areosols be sat in there and used?
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  • 3po3
    on Apr 9, 2012

    As long as the gas is capped, you can use the gel fuel. Most people add fake logs to make it more fire-like, but I think you are good to go.

  • Walter Reeves
    on Apr 10, 2012

    Is the gel fuel still available? I thought it had been taken off the market.

  • Baby H
    on Apr 10, 2012

    Walter, maybe thats why I haven't seen in in some months good question. I guess I will have to uncap and go with some fyre gems

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