Asked on Apr 7, 2016

How can I build a small, narrow cabinet to store canned goods?

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I want to build a small, narrow cabinet. I want it to be 10 inches wide and 6ft long, 4 ft high. I would like it to have 2 doors, for canned goods.
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  • Paul
    on Apr 7, 2016

    Hi Kathy. I'm doing exactly the same thing, building a storage cupboard for the jams and preserves my son and I have jarred and bottled in the past few years. Mine will have slightly larger dimensions than what you desire, being 200 cm high, 65 cm wide, and 60 cm deep. It will have one door. I plan to have seven or eight slide out shelves holding the products. Because I am lousy at wood crafts, I am making a full size frame from 25mm square steel tubing, using commercially available plastic corner pieces, and connectors, that insert into the steel tubing, producing a very sturdy frame. I will then use either 3-ply or Masonite for the sides, back and door. The top, and shelves, will be 19mm chipboard. When completed, the whole unit will be painted, or varnished. Because I have an electrical/mechanical background, I tend to over-engineer on my projects. This one certainly will be.

  • Phyllishildreth
    on Apr 7, 2016

    We bought a small door in the frame on sale at Habitat Restore and put it at the end of our cabinets and just added another piece of board to make it deep enough for canned goods. It only took about four or five inches of space and we put shelves in it just a little bigger than the different size cans. It is just deep enough to hold one can but you can store lots and also see what you have without moving anything. I can send you a picture if you want to send me someway to get it to you, or I can post it on Pinterest for you to see. I love it

  • Mcgypsy9
    on Apr 7, 2016

    Not sure what country you are in but ikea usually has cabinets about that size. Also keep your eye out for an upper cabinet like that goes over the top of a refridgerator. Turned on its side you can add more shelves and just change the hinges to the side and there you go! If you want to build your own, go on Pinterest and search on how to build one. Good luck!

  • Ginny Feeney
    Ginny Feeney
    on Apr 7, 2016

    I used a small bookcase, added casters and a pull handle on the side. Slid it in beside my bottom kitchen cabinets for a very useful (and cheap!) slide out pantry for canned goods or whatever. Ten or so years later and it's still going strong!

  • Roger S
    Roger S
    on Apr 7, 2016

    Check out the cabinet on my posts it may help you out. If you are going to build your own. I would suggest you use 3/4" plywood for the sides and back. Cut both sides and top and bottom. Then cut the back . Fit all piece and glue and nail them together. Then cut the shelves you want then fit them inside and glue and nail them in. When you get all shelves in then you can cut the facings and nail them on. The easiest way to do the doors is to cUT them from 3/4"plywood and sand the edges smooth if you have a router you can run a round over bit around the front edge. Take your time and fit everything up dry first to make sure you have a good fit. Have fun.

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