More of my mosaics

A member wanted me to start a new thread and post more photos of my mosaics, so here goes:
This is the top to a pedestal table.
This is a doll table and chair. I painted it, mosaiced it and covered the chairs with matching fabric.
This is a birdhouse for indoor decor only. Each side of the roof and all four sides are different, but with the same color scheme. I used a glass compote for the pedestal and then painted some of the etched part and added jewelry.
This is a plant stand I mosaiced. This was photographed before I grouted it.
This is a silver tray with a Scottish theme. I stayed at a Scottish Bed and Breakfast on vacation and took this project along to work on and finished it in one weekend and left it for the Innkeeper as a token of my appreciation.
This is a Victorian Woman theme picture frame. I bought all the objects in a box lid at an auction and decided to incorporate them into a mosaiced frame.
This is a beachcomber theme frame. The inspiration for this was a rubber shark I bought at a St. Vincent De Paul Thrift store.
This is a two-shelf pie-crust table.
This is a plant stand.
This table was picked up at an auction for $6. I transformed it.
This is the top to a glass cake stand.
This is a vintage sewing table. I painted it, mosaiced it and then added handpainted rose doorknobs.
This is an ice cream set for a 18" doll.
This is a skirted stool.
This is a piano bench that I painted and mosaiced.

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