Will A Skimmer Reduce Maintenance For My Small Pond?

The pond skimmer's main function is to remove debris that falls into the water reducing your workload and keep your pond clean for you to relax & enjoy.
What Are The Benefits Of A Pond Skimmer You Ask?
1)Efficient way to recirculate & aerate the water in your pond.
2)Easy pump accessibility. No more wading in the pond to remove it.
3)Protect your fish from the pond draining out entirely should you have a leak in the plumbing and your pump was on the pond bottom.
4)No more maintenance required to clean & unclog your pond pump.
5)Help keep your pond looking clean all the time.
6)Reduce having to skim the surface of the pond manually for leaves & debris before they sink to the bottom of the pond.
7)Maintains the natural beauty of the pond by keeping the filter out of site.
The key to a healthy pond is good filtration....
A pond skimmer is the mechanical filtration of an ecosystem pond.
They get Installed outside the pond and a liner is connect with silicone & screws.
Keep your pond in Rochester New York clean and healthy with a skimmer.

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