Crawly thing - some kind of grub (?) with legs

Ok, I've found two of these icky looking things in the dirt - put the last one on the table to take a picture and it disappeared - I think a bird got it. here is the description:

it was about 1 inch long, maybe. Found it all curled up in the dirt. Dark brown head, white body that shows grayness at the bottom. It has six very small legs on the very front of it's body, just below the head. Kind of slimy looking, had gloves on so didn't touch it - ugh!

I live in Arizona, my dirt has composted mulch and steer manure added to the rock hard caliche.

I don't think they do any damage in this "grub" stage and I will continue to dispose of them when I find them. Just wondering what it might be... lol
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