Closet Organization: Simple Tips for A Tidy and Fresh Closet

Closets are excellent for storing shoes, purses, belts, clothes, jackets, coats and ties without cluttering your bedrooms or hallways. However, they tend to trap the odors of all items that are stored inside – and that can be a problem. There is a way to organize your closet and keep it fresh. Don’t let the stink of your shoes, jackets, coats and sweaters make your closet smelly and unpleasant.
Closet Organization: Simple Tips for a Tidy and Fresh Closet
The best way to keep your closet tidy and fresh is by cleaning and keeping it sanitized.
Sweeping or vacuuming the floor, wiping the walls clean and removing the clutter are the best places to start.
Provide proper cleaning of your shoes before storing them in your closet. Wash the insoles and wipe the outside of the shoes.
Make sure you provided the necessary cleaning of the jackets and coats you have before putting them back in the closet. Sweaty and stinky clothing and shoes will make the rest of the items in your closet dirty and smelly.
Let worn coats and clothings hang in the living room and don’t mix them with clean ones.
Before putting your shoes in your closet, let them air out somewhere outdoors to prevent their smell from entering your closet. It is also good to use a shoe spray that is designed to neutralize odors before putting your shoes back in the closet.
Organize your closet in such a way that there is enough room for every garment to breathe.
Make sure you don’t pile the rods with too many clothes and place each one on a separate hanger.
Leave some space between each hanger and piece of clothing.
Hang and place the clothes in your closet after washing them.
Never store jackets, clothing and coats in the closet that have been worn and are dirty or sweaty.
Mount a second hanging bar if necessary to gain more space for your clothes.
Store the sweaters, scarves, jeans, T-shirts and gym clothes on shelves to save space.
Add hooks to store frequently used clothing and accessories. Keep your closet well lit at all times.
To control odors try the following.
{Bonus Tip – cut a dryer sheet in half and put each sheet inside a shoe to keep it deodorized and fresh while in the closet.}
Put dryer sheets in every corner of the closet to keep the room fresh and nicely scented.
Hang potpourri sachets with a nail above the door frame or on the rods. You can make your own deodorizing sachets by filling a square of some fiber with cotton or other fabric and spraying it with any fresh scent you like.
Cedar chips are perfect for keeping your closet fresh and banishing pesky moths. Place some cedar chips in a mesh bag and place the bags in all corners of your closet. Pieces of chalk put in a mesh bag or laid in the corners of the closet especially near the shoe racks are excellent deodorizers as they absorb odors too.
To keep your closet rid of musty smells use an aluminum pie tin with some charcoal briquettes laid inside and put the tin on the floor at the bottom of the closet.
To make your own odor absorbers you can use coffee grounds, baking soda and white vinegar or essential oils. Use small breathable containers from oatmeal or baby food and perforate their lids on a few places. Fill the containers with any of the ingredients mentioned above and close their lids. Then store in a discreet place in the closet.
Apply these simple tips for closet organization, and your closet will be tidy and fresh year round! Plus, you’ll have plenty of space for your clothes and accessories.

Suggested materials:

  • Dryer sheets
  • Essential oils
  • Cedar Chips

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