Diorama Terrarium DIY

I used to make these little gardens in the late 60's with my mother, when they became fashionable once again I was trilled and started to create my own little worlds.
I started by finding a beautiful large container with a lid. I wanted a closed one. They are a little more difficult to maintain but once they are established they are very easy to look after. I got some small rocks and put them on the bottom about an inch or two deep. Add a layer of moss, this will separate the soil from you drainage. Add the soil, I used an organic soil. It's better not to use a soil with a built in fertilizer because you don't want your plant to grow too fast. I added a small terracotta pot by pushing it into the soil and then started to add my plants and more soil . I added the little stairs by using little pieces of broken terracotta, added the little house and the decorative gravel. Water with filtered water, just a little and put the lid on. For the next two weeks I looked at it every day and checked the humidity with a meter. If I had too much condensation I would open the lid a little until the moisture wasn't visible on the glass. After about a month the terrarium had established and was looking amazing!

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