Apple tree with severed trunk

I'm curious about the future of my apple tree. As you know, the weather is freaky anymore and we had a nasty storm (no, not snow, but lightning, wind, hail and area tornadoes) this past January here in the middle Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. I have a Dwarf Winesap in the backyard on the hillside. When the storm came through I think we had some microbursts, downdrafts, whatever, that ripped limbs out of trees, uprooted several trees, bushes, and hit my 7 year old Winesap. It sheared it off almost completely at the base (I don't know if it is above or below the graft.) Nevertheless, it was hanging on by abt. an inches, or less, of tree and bark. Almost 1/5 of the tree was completely severed. It was a smooth, clean break, almost as if it had been cut with a knife. Needless to say, I was devastated. So, I thought, what the hay and propped it back up with a board. Low and behold, come spring, it budded out, then it blossomed! My question is, is there hope and what should I expect? Can this tree "fuse" back together and be healthy?? And if so, what should I be doing to ensure it's survival? When am I allowed to prune? Should I remove the little apples to help it continue to heal? Thanks a bunch!
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