Can we salvage exisiting linoleum after shower leak??

Some time ago we had a slow leak in our shower (from the time we moved into our brand new house). Our builder would not fix the damage caused by the leak. We have since found a contractor to install our new shower. I have picked the tiles for the floor and the walls. I have a question and am seeking advice on our existing linoleum. When our shower leaked some of the floor boards swelled a bit and the back side of the linoleum and floor board has some mold on it. My husbands opinion is that we can cut off the mold portion of the linoleum and save the rest. My opinion is to rip it out (not take any chances with mold regrowth as we have two children in the house with allergies) and install new floor board and tile. We are already into this job for $3000(which we have saved for) for installation of the new shower and money is tight. What are your opinions on keeping the linoleum? How much would have to be cut off past the mold if we did keep the existing linoleum? If we decided on ripping out the linoleum could we do some of the prep work ourselves to cut down on the costs? Thank you in advance for your expertice!
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