Asked on May 29, 2013

Want to replace fake door entrance with concrete block

Kimberly Barney


have a double door entrance however one door is fake. they no longer make doors to fit this type of entrance. i want to replace the fake door with concrete block and stucco over it so it looks like one door. any ideas on how to do this ?
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  • Kimberly Barney
    on May 29, 2013

    I must inquire if the rest of your house is built with cinder blocks because if it is not the wall you would build would be thicker than the rest of your house. I suggested that you customize two plain wood doors to suit the purpose or replace the two doors with a French door system in a previous post. However, if you truly want only one door, you could frame out the area, apply the treated plywood, drywall, and siding (vinyl, aluminum, wood shanks, etc.) to match the rest of your house. You could also install a glass wall with the glass blocks which you may find a lot less heavy to work with than cinder blocks.

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