Asked on May 30, 2013

(8) 5 gals bottles with potential

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Any ideas on re-purposing 5 gal water cooler bottles? Company went out of business. My creativity only leads me to planters?
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  • Robyn
    on May 30, 2013

    I have heard of people brewing Kombucha in them. Most of us brew in glass, but this kind of plastic works also

  • Tammi
    on May 31, 2013

    They have lots of uses. Planters, very large change jars(kids love those), you can use many different things to decorate them with as well. They can be cut and you could use the rings for something like making frames. Or turn the whole bottle into a base for a floor lamp? I would love to get ahold of some of those! =D

  • Z
    on May 31, 2013

    How lucky are you Penny! Wow, I too would love to have some of these. 1. A large table lamp. If you can find someone that can cut a hole in the upper back they could be filled with shells, corks or other collectables. Sand the cut edges smooth 2. Cut the bottom (about an inch) off to make one into a cloche. 3.Use the bottoms cut from the containers above as planter trays to catch assess water or serving trays. Again you must sand the cut edges smooth. 4. Bury one in the ground to hold a small umbrella between lawn chairs. You'll want to drill a few small holes to allow any water that may get in to seep out into the surrounding dirt. 5. If the hole is is larger enough then use the jug as a huge piggy bank to toss change in daily to save for something fun.

  • While the piggy bank idea is great, I suggest that you do not do this. My son had one when he was little and we kept putting change in it., There must be several thousand dollars in it now, but we cannot move it. It is to heavy to even tip over on its side. If you use portable tents the bottles make great weights to hold them from blowing away in the wind. tie rope around neck and then fill with water. Tent will not move.

  • Z
    on Jun 1, 2013

    Good point on the weight Bob. I guess the ones my folks used never got so full it was too heavy to tip over. It would be a deterrent to thieves though. :^D

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