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DIY Budget Cottage Kitchen Makeover

I transformed my dark, dated inefficient kitchen in a charming, bright space that is jam-packed with clever space saving ideas and extra storage.
This is what the kitchen looked when I bought the house:
Terrible outdated wallpaper, almost no counter space and an inefficient layout....the kitchen was the only thing in the house that really made me pause when first looked at it.
This is what the kitchen looked like through most of the 2000's - I stripped the wallpaper, painted, replaced the faucet, appliances, cabinet hardware and light fixture. It was better but I still didn't have counter space and the fridge just inside the door created a dark cave like feeling.
I sacrificed the pantry to relocate the fridge and added a couple of cabinets to add storage, more work surface and a better flow.
The kitchen is only 10'x10', so I put a lot of thought into space saving ideas and extra storage.
For tons more pictures and a breakdown of all the projects, please head over to my blog.

To see more: http://www.livefromjulieshouse.com/diy-budget-kitchen-reno-big-reveal/

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