Turn a broken saucer into a welcome sign

Put those cracked shards to good use as pretty and inviting garden decor.

Line one with broken CD’s for the birds

Turn your old CD's into colorful broken bits for this shimmering mosaic bird bath.

Arrange a glowing succulent centerpiece

Surround a glass candle holder with vibrant succulents for your patio table.

Make a hanging bird feeder with a pot

Pair two saucers with a flower pot to give your garden birds a treat for spring.

Set one on a tomato cage as a bird bath

Paint the center of a saucer and sit it on a tomato cage in your flower bed.

Stack a colorful planter tower

Paint a few flower pots and stack them up into a sweet plant tower to show off your greenery.

Use small saucers as stylish coasters

Add a bit of burlap to small saucers to make high-end coasters.

Put together a fun pot girl for the garden

You'll need a bunch of flower pots for this one and a few saucers to keep them lined up.

Make a simple bird bath with a saucer & pot

Flip a flower pot and top it off with a saucer for a super quick garden feature.

Turn saucers & pots into a bubbling fountain

Add bubbling charm to your outdoor spaces with a trickling terra cotta fountain from saucers and pots.

Use one as the base of a high-end cloche

Use a saucer base in a DIY cloche you can decorate for any season.

Fill a saucer with a fairy garden

Fairy gardens are excellent for decorating any indoor or outdoor space, and a saucer makes a great pot.

Paint some and craft cute candy gifts

Make faux candy dispensers as deliciously sweet gifts for Mother's Day or any holiday or event.