Asked on May 30, 2013

Cover for screening on porch

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When it rains, I have water blowing onto the porch. I am looking for suggestions to cover the bottom half with something solid without doing too much rebuilding as I am not very handy or have much in the way of tools. measurement of area involved is 33x85 in. and 24x32 Thanks
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  • Lulu Dubin
    on May 30, 2013

    Hi Betty, do you have a picture you can add? It may be easier to come up with solutions if we can see the area. Thanks!

  • Z
    on May 31, 2013

    This past winter we used a heavy duty plastic on the interior of our front screened in porch so we could store some items of our son's for him. We attached it using cut two inch strips of Masonite peg board and screws. Though it doesn't look pretty it sure did the job. Even the high winds we get didn't tear it. If you're wanting something that looks nice you might look into sheets of Plexiglas. You'd have to do the longer section in pieces and it could get a bit costly but would be more permanent and look nicer.

  • Corrugated plastic panels work well. You can get them in clear or tinted green or white. They simply get cut to size and using special wooden trims they would simply get fastened into place. Another method is to use plastic blinds that open from the top and from the bottom. Have them sized to cover the entire porch opening and simply lower them down to the lower half where you want the blowing rain to stop. When it gets worse, simply open them up further.

  • Paulette vint
    on Oct 27, 2015

    we used plexi glass

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