Asked on May 31, 2013

My hostas lost their shade when a tree was cut down.

Douglas HuntPatricia WJayme Renee


I had a partial shady yard so my hostas were happy, Last fall, the city cut down the shade tree so my hostas will be in full sun. Is there a way to shade them or will they have to be moved?
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  • Jayme Renee
    on May 31, 2013

    I have my Hostas in full sun and they are doing just fine. Getting Huge actually. I have to split them this fall! :)

  • Patricia W
    on Jun 1, 2013

    Most hostas die in the heat of the sun. Is there any way you can plant a shrub or shade them in any way until late fall? Then you can move them. If its not hot where you are, move them now.

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jun 1, 2013

    Some hostas take sun better than others. Generally speaking, hostas with green, chartreuse, or yellow leaves do better in sun than others. Also, smaller leaves are better for sun as their is less transpiration. Try interplanting taller perennials to provide some shade for your hostas.

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