Asked on May 31, 2013

Garden Hose Reel

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The reel I had my hose on broke last week. What is the best reel to get to replace it, that will last?
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  • Debra Peters
    on May 31, 2013

    I've never had a reel or seen someone else's that was worth while. don't know if it is just the nature of the beast or what - the weight of the hose - the poor quality of parts in the reel. I gave up on them years ago. With a bit of practice, you can wind your hose quite nicely by hand. I have round, concrete stepping stones that I use as a guide to wind my hose around. Works great.

  • We use a old metal tire rim bolted onto side of house. Holds lots of hose. Most reels are made of plastic and being left outside in the sun the plastic tends to become brittle and break quite fast. Perhaps you should consider using those new expanding hoses. But if you decide on that, be careful on what one you purchase. They make some high quality ones and some really low cost cheap ones sold on TV infomercials. Pay for the higher quality ones.

  • Kenneth Laird
    on Jan 21, 2014

    Consider a Liberty Garden hose reel sold at Lowe's / Home Depot or on Amazon they even sell one that Rotates 360 degrees called the Navigator.

    , I saw this new item at Lowe s and also on Amazon it is a really unique design and no other product is close to its quality Search Amazon model 710 Navigator Hose Reel
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