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I need help with getting my lawn growing. We live in NH and the soil's not very good. We like to say we grow rocks around here. We've lived here for 7 years and have tried numerous fertilizers, hardy grass seed, etc. and nothing works. We've added lime to change the pH. Nothing. We have 4 kids and a small dog so that doesn't help in the back and also limits us to "safe" fertilizers, etc.
At this point, I'm tired of wasting money. Do we need to bring in new soil? Obviously I'd prefer not as that would be really $$ but I'd rather know than waste more money on cheaper methods that do nothing.
My priority this year is the front yard. We have a little patch that I'd like to have some nice grass on, but it's just dirt and eventually grows weeds. If I do anything, I want to get grass there.
Does anyone have any tips? Help would be much appreciated!
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