How to Hide a Printer

Electronics can be eye sores in any home, but this DIY solves the problem of a big printer messing with your home decor! Instead of keeping your big ugly printer out in plain sight, you can hide it in a fashionable basket and keep it out in the open on a bookshelf.
Honestly, the hardest part of this project is finding the right basket to hold your printer (we found ours at HomeGoods).
how to hide a printer, crafts, organizing
how to hide a printer, crafts, organizing
You'll really only need a knife and some scissors to modify your basket. We cut out a slit in the front for the paper to feed in and out and cut out a large section in the back of the box so the printer doesn't ever over heat (not that we use our printer for large projects that cause it to heat up). We switched off using the knife and the scissors to make the cuts. The knife was helpful for the large cuts and the scissors helped make smaller, detailed cuts. Making these cuts only took us about 15 minutes, but beware because the wicker did make a big mess!!
Rookie Tip: Try and cut the basket outside of the garage if possible!
how to hide a printer, crafts, organizing
Once you've made your cuts, simply place the printer in the basket and it will be camouflaged with the rest of your decor! How easy is that?!
how to hide a printer, crafts, organizing
For more information be sure to check out our blog for the full step-by-step tutorial.

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  • Largo Elston
    on Sep 25, 2016

    I have a perfect basket for this idea, but want to cover my cable box. Wondering if, when I cut the slits, the edges will fray and unravel where I made the cuts. Thanks!

    • FRAN
      on Jun 30, 2017

      glue a strip of wood, molding, faux leather or a nice fabric "binding" for drapes or upholstery around the rough cut edges, choose something compatible with your box
  • Tiffani Jones
    on Sep 25, 2016

    What do you suggest for a printer that has a paper feed on the top ?

    • Angi
      on Jan 9, 2019

      I am actually already doing this project in a sense, as I LOVE baskets and have been using different coordinating ones for my room already. But I had purchased some textiles for creating my own "slip cover" if you will since I have an all-in-one printer that also has the scanner on the top and a special back feed. I just want it covered when not using not only to make it look alright, but to keep dust out because I don't use it but a couple times a week for my projects. I couldn't find a basket large enough to put it in. So glad to see this project shared, though, to see and read how others are doing it. Thank you!

  • DB
    on Sep 25, 2016

    What about heat build up, which is not good for electronics???

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  • Mimi
    on Jan 2, 2019

    Yes!!, A cover for my cable and boxes. Yes

  • JA
    on Jan 2, 2019

    I can't wait to go hunting for the basket. My printer is on top of the built in desk in the kitchen. I had made a cover out of a pretty pillowcase to keep the dust & grease off of it,but this is more to my taste. What a great idea and A beautiful look. Thank you, J.A.

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