9 Vegetables for Your Windowsill!

Like ice cream: There's always room for veggies! If all you have is a windowsill, grow something!
We have a tray of basil still in the black, plastic pots in the black, plastic tray and have made pesto several times! We have fertilized it twice and water it regularly.
There are even easier vegetables to grow in containers: Lettuce sprouts overnight and CAN"T BE KILLED! Just a couple of plants make a manageable project that can chip away at the grocery bill and add more vegetables to your diet. You won't throw away as much spoiled produce if you haven't picked it yet!
Here's the long version:
Red Romaine regrows after harvesting. This romaine head was harvested a week ago. Smaller heads have sprouted out from around the base.
These Microgreens were ready in 5 days. They are red amaranth, tatsoi, Red Rambo Radish and Daikon Radish.
This arugula needs fertilizer! It is impossible to kill this plant and it can be harvested as a microgreen, baby salad or full-grown head.
This is the tray of basil we make pesto from. Embarrassing as it is to admit, we have used this method for years!
Strawberry pots work best, but we have grown productive strawberry plants in a great variety of containers. Always outside though.

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  • Caley's Culinaries
    on Jun 7, 2013

    All the lettuces work really well. If you mix several varieties it looks like a fluffy, colorful bouquet! I will post a picture soon. Right now we are obsessed with making pesto!

  • Caley's Culinaries
    on Jun 7, 2013

    Ha ha! Suzan Bashor! You are SO ahead of me!

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