How to Plant a Waterlily

10 Minutes

Before adding a waterlily to your pond, you'll want to pot it in a container designed specifically for aquatic plants. Since waterlilies are voracious eaters, you also want to make sure you include fertilizer when potting them up. Once potted, you can place the waterlily into your pond. If you don't have a pond, you can also plant waterlilies in watertight containers to set on your patio or deck! Just make sure the waterlilies get at least 6 hours of full sun per day. For more on planting waterlilies, visit our website at
You can enjoy beautiful waterlilies if you plant them properly.
Add a couple inches of Aquatic Planting Media to a fabric waterlily pot.
Carefully remove the waterlily from its plastic container and place in the middle of the fabric planter.
Add Bubble Tab fertilizer to the aquatic soil following package instructions. Waterlilies need to be fertilized properly for the best blooms.
Cover the Bubble Tabs with Aquatic Planting Media to a depth that's even with the top of the waterlily's container soil.
Spread river rocks or similar across the top of the soil. This keeps soil from escaping into the pond.
Place the waterlily carefully into the pond at the planting depth specified on the plant tag from the garden center.
Enjoy your beautiful waterlily all summer long!

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  • Karen
    on Jul 14, 2016

    I have a copper fountain about the size and dept of a car tire. Is it possible to plant one of these in it? Would you recommend a smaller water plant?

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  • Wendy B
    on Jun 20, 2013

    My koi haven't eaten them yet...but they like the lettuce...I bought the plants from the 'pond' place and they don't look happy. They have turned yellow and look near deaths door. All the other plants I have look fantastic. A little sad but where some adore the plants, I adore the fish! I'll just keep trying with lotus and lily until I get it right OR they eat them, haha!

  • Sherrie Slaboda
    on Apr 9, 2015

    @Aquascape Inc. I have a question about potting the waterlily in concrete containers. I have huge Koi that eat everthing. I'm sure the concrete container will prevent the destruction but I want to be sure it won't hurt the Koi. I love your posts.

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