Asked on Jun 3, 2013

Repipe or reline?

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I have a 2400 sq ft house and the pipes are starting to go. Plumber gave me an estimate of 8500 which is fair but expensive. A friend suggested repiping to me and told me to check out to see exactly what he was talking about. The site looks appealing, and I am definitely intrigued. Anyone have any advice? It would save us about 5,000 and we wouldn't have to tear into walls.
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  • Graham Plumbing Services
    on Jun 4, 2013

    It really depends on your situation I feel that a PEX re pipe is A better option than lining your old pipes when practical. With PEX most plumbers can reduce Sheetrock damage to under sinks and behind commodes since it is flexible they can fish the piping down the wall. however In a 2 story house There will be a considerable amount more due to no overhead attic. The lining seams OK but if you ever need to cut into the piping or change a hose bib it can cause problems. I don't think ether one is a bad choice but I think the re pipe is A more permanent solution.

  • Robert Jones
    on Jun 6, 2013

    thanks! Appreciate it!

  • Robert, Many of the homes in your area are galvanized pipes. Replacing them with PEX is the least expensive method to make these repairs. If your talking about a new pipe from the street to the house. You should expect to pay around $4500 or so for this project to snake a new pipe from the street to the house. They use a device called a Mole. This tool is connected to a new plastic water line, a hole is dug at the curb and one next to house. Air is pushed into the new pipe causing the Mole device to ram itself through the soil. They point it at the house and after 15 or 20 min the mole comes out the other hole next to the house. They remove the device and connect the new pipe to the plumbing inside the home. As far as lining the inside of the pipes inside the house. Not going to work. The pressure in the house needs to be really great for the now undersized plumbing pipes to be able to handle the flow enough so you have pressure to the sinks and showers. Contact me if your interested in knowing more about this type of repair.

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