Asked on Apr 21, 2012

I have a pecan tree that I planted from a pecan about 25-30 yrs ago. It's never made any eatable pecans. It forms the

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shells and they fall off the tree, but with nothing or nearly nothing in them. I read somewhere that the trees should be fertilized 3 times a year to bear pecans and I've never fertilized it at all. Bad me, for sure! It seems the first time should be in Feb. Since I forgot all about doing that this year to see if I can resuscitate this tree, is it too late to start now? And if it's not, just exactly what do I do? How much fertilizer, what kind, etc.? Do I have to water it after fertilizing? And if I am successful in getting pecans, do they simply fall off the tree or will I have to climb and pick them?
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  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Apr 21, 2012 This publication may help you identify the problems and if you can correct them. Do you have more than one pecan tree? Though self pollinating they do a poor job if it.

  • Louise
    on Apr 22, 2012

    I only have one tree. Thanks for the links, but since I know zilch about pecan trees, the kind I have, etc., I don't think I'll make it thru all the info. Is there a simple way to find out about whether I should try to fertilize the tree? I'm simple-minded sometimes. :-)

  • 3po3
    on Apr 22, 2012

    You might take a cutting from the tree, along with a soil sample, to your cooperative extension office. They can help you ID, then offer a maintenance plan. Here's the link:

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Apr 22, 2012

    On his web site, Georgia Gardener and Hometalk guru Walter Reeves says to: Measure how thick your tree is at chest height. For every inch of thickness, broadcast a pound of 10-10-10. Do this three times a year; in mid- to late February, in June and in September. In addition, apply one pound of zinc sulfate to 4 – 10 year old trees and three to five pounds for large trees each year.

  • Walter Reeves
    on Apr 22, 2012

    My bet is that your tree has pecan scab....which often causes nuts to fall from the tree. Not much you can do about it. Pray for a dry spring each year and DO fertilize as Douglas notes.

  • Louise
    on Apr 22, 2012

    When I apply the fertilizer, will it matter that I've missed the Feb broadcast? And should I water after applying the fertilizer and the zinc sulfate? Should I apply the Feb amt now or just skip it? I really love pecans and would like to have a tree full.

  • Paul M
    on Apr 22, 2012

    It may or may not have a disease as Walter mentioned. I use zinc sulfate to insure crop maturity and I have had great results with that. Pecan trees like a zinc rich environment. A once a year application will do and there is a ton of material about zinc and pecan crops online so it will be easy to find some information if you are interested. That is my suggestion.

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Apr 23, 2012

    Louise, since it is almost the end of April, I would wait another month and get on the fertilization schedule above. Follow label directions in terms of watering after application.

  • Gypsy Genie
    on May 23, 2015

    I know how you feel!! I planted one about 11 yrs ago and it only just began producing last year. It's not doing much better this year either.

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