Asked on Jun 5, 2013

Turning an empty picture frame/mirror into a chalkboard

Amy AnsonTraci JJudy


Any ideas on how to turn old picture frames without glass or old mirror frames into chalkboards, inexpensively? Was not sure what to use for the chalkboard part if there is no mirror or glass. Thought about wood but that could get expensive and not really smooth. Any creative ideas??
Thank you in advance,
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  • Judy
    on Jun 5, 2013

    MDF (medium density fiberboard) is really smooth and not too expensive. The home center should have a variety of sizes.

  • Traci J
    on Jun 5, 2013

    Thanks, Judy, I will check that out at Lowe's today. I appreciate you responding! Traci

  • Traci J
    on Jun 9, 2013

    Just curious if anyone had any other ideas?

  • Amy Anson
    on May 1, 2016

    If you do any thrift store shopping look for old hard covered books. The cover can be used with a coat of chalk paint. You can also use old tiles. Check hardware store for clearance and you may find something for pennies.

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