I need to repair my replacement windows.

When I unlatch my windows, the top portion falls. Does this mean the window is off its track?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 25, 2016
    Sometimes you have to push the top portion up to you here a click.I would try that first.
  • William William on Apr 25, 2016
    Are these vinyl widows! Are they the tilt in windows for easy cleaning? Did you remove them from the frame? Need a little more information. Some photos would help.
  • Thelma Thelma on Apr 26, 2016
    I would suggest you call the company that installed them. They are under warranty I am sure./
  • Andrea Kane Andrea Kane on Apr 26, 2016
    A couple of mine do this as well. The Spiral Tube Balances need replacing. There are UTube videos on how to replace. Pay attention to the colored tip as this determines the weight they hold so get the same kind which can be ordered from many sources online. Hope this helps.
  • CK CK on Apr 26, 2016
    One of mine does the same. Had a vinyl window company come to look at it. He offered NO help :-( All he did was give me an estimate for $1800 for a replacement! Yikes!
  • Alton Alton on Apr 26, 2016
    So many types . look at another window and see if it has clips on the bottom at each side and then see if those has slipped out . Might can take the bottom sash out then pull top sash down 2 in. and take out and put it back right ?
  • DORLIS DORLIS on Apr 26, 2016
  • Lisa Szanto Lisa Szanto on Apr 26, 2016
    find out who manufacturer is - call manufacturer. metal pins that slide in track and keep window from falling are probably broken. Common problem they are usually make from cheap white metal Most manufacturers will send replacement pins for free they want to keep their reputation pull down top window look up in frame of window. - at top should be label of manufacturer. Its standard for mrfr to have their brand seal there
  • William William on Apr 26, 2016
    This may help a few Hometalkers out there. If the window was removed it was probably not put back in properly. If the window was tilted in for cleaning and shifted it could have popped out of the balancers. Or worst case scenario, one or both of the pins broke. Raise the lower window till it clears the sill and tilt it in. Lower and tilt the upper window in. Shift the upper window at an angle and remove it. You'll notice the window has a pin on each end. The bottom of the spring balancers have a slot where the pins slip into. Take the window and slip the pin into the left slot. Once its in the slot, pull down on that side about 2". Now guide the pin on the right side into the right slot as you slowly raise the left side to seat the right side into the slot. Level out the window and snap it into the track. Hopefully when you remove the window the pins are still intact. Hope this helps.
    • B. Enne B. Enne on Apr 27, 2016
      @William Iagree. The first time I tilted mine in for cleaning, I closed it incorrectly, eventhough it looked okay. It was a quick fix. Always better to try that first.
  • Woody J Hiatt Woody J Hiatt on May 22, 2016
    You don't mention type of window or age. My old house (1939) had large metal counterweights hanging on ropes inside the casing. The rope passed over a pulley in the top casing then down the frame sides to the window. You may have more modern windows. One is wood, with aluminum tracks and protruding rounded glides visible on the top half of both. Coil springs inside those tubes attach to the bottom side of the window to offset it's weight. You will have to remove a side casing to have look see or replace the window anyway.
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