Asked on Jun 6, 2013

Sinking Sink

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The under-mounted kitchen sink has lost much of its caulking and the sink is separating from the engineered stone counter top. If I caulk the area, will it prevent further separating? Will this problem lead to the pipes leaking?
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  • You have a bigger issue than the sink gap. The mount that is supposed to hold the sink up tight is failing Depending upon the type of sink you have determines the type of mount used. Most stainless sinks or light metal ones are fastened using small screws and tiny threaded nuts that are drilled into the stone and glued into place. Heavy sinks or those with garbage disposals use wooden braces that are fastened on each side wall of the cabinet and pushed up with blocks or fasteners to hold the weight up to the bottom of the countertop. You need to determine first why its dropping. Look up under the sink to determine how the sink is held into place. If its the tiny screws starting to pull out, I would suggest that you get a granite or counter company in to add additional fasteners to prevent it from dropping. If not you can get a handy person (or yourself) to fasten wood braces from one side of the cabinet to the other to support and raise the sink back up. You may need to cut out the older caulk that was used to seal the sink to the top in order to assure a tight fit. In any case once you are assured that the sink is not dropping anymore then you can use a good quality anti-microbial kitchen and bath caulk to seal the space between the sink and the counter.

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