13 Duct Tape Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

You might want to grab a couple hundred rolls of duct tape...

By Hometalk Highlights

You can cover TP tubes to make pencil cases

Use tape to turn paper towel tubes into pencil cases.

You can beautify ugly plastic furniture

Turn that cheapo plastic drawer set into a fashionable taped up stunner.

You can build travel seating with cardboard

Decorate a few folded cardboard pieces with stripes of duct tape.

You can refinish a worn out piece in style

Cover the drawers of an old dresser or cabinet with strips of pretty tape.

You can makeover boring picture frames

Cover the edges of a few picture frames in printed duct tape to make them pop.

You can reupholster torn cushions

Say goodbye to tears and rips in old furniture - cover them in a quilt of duct tape.

You can turn an unattractive mirror high-end

Wrap the frame of an ugly mirror with duct tape to give it a chic update.

You can make a chic table runner with burlap

Turn a large piece of burlap into a elegant ornament for your table using tape.

You can upgrade cheap flower pots

Wrap tape around a plain flower pot to dress it up on the cheap.

You can decorate binder clips for fun storage

Cover useful binder clips in colorful tape to help keep track of lunches, wires, etc.

You can re-cover a plastic tray to look glam

Wrap a plastic tray in decorative duct tape to turn cheap to chic.

You can craft cute faux succulents

Make your own faux succulents using duct tape and an empty soda bottle.

You can give a tired chair a fresh seat

Recover a scratched or chipped chair seat in strips of duct tape.