Asked on Jun 6, 2013

Other Country crafts and language

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I see crafts I like so I go to their sight, they ask for personal info, and they talk about phone numbers are they charging and when I went on China sight they wanted me to sign in after a time. Do you know what is going on they have a lot on Pinterest when you click on it goes right to the country sight
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  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Jun 6, 2013

    I don't give any information to anyone on foreign sites or ones I am not familar with, just asking for identity theft, in my opinion.

  • Nancy I would be very careful in offering up any information. Many of these are what is called Phishing scams. They get your personal email information and they begin to spam you and sell your information to other listing services. Stick with a site you know and trust. One comes to mind, HomeTalk. Never ever give out your phone or any information and always use different passwords and do not save them in your computer. Post it notes is the best way if you want to store them on your computer. Lots of these folks use links to hack into your computer and having some information that you do not normally save such as your phone number and then armed with the ability of hacking into your computer they can steal your identity in a flash. Its sad that this happens, but it does all the time. There are several people on HomeTalk such as Donna Dixson myself and a few others that monitor the many posts along with the Home Talk folks themselves we look for odd postings and posts that do not fit the criteria of the site. These are reported to the management, reviewed and often removed before they do any harm. sites such as Pinterest are a bit more free and the results is less control and the worry that a post will turn out to be a hack is really a concern. Hope this helps you.

  • Nancy Cozad
    on Jun 7, 2013

    thank you, I was thinking about the phone charge but not all you pointed out, when I have seen them on Pinterest they have been Pic from someone from US and Canada and it turned out to be a Blob.

  • Nancy Cozad
    on Jun 7, 2013

    I would like to know if anyone went through the process,

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