Asked on Jun 6, 2013

Wood Bee invasion

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How to get rid of wood bee's...we live in a log home and the logs are treated but this does not seem to effect the wood bees as they make holes and lay their eggs in them. We have sprayed and this does not seem to effect them either..any suggestions?
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  • The treated wood does not stop these bees from drilling. Only well painted wood works. In your case you have your work cut out for you, but it is possible to rid yourself of them. You need to get insect dust that you can puff into the holes where the bees are nesting and laying their larva. The dust will kill the adult bees and will kill the newly hatched ones before they bore out the side of the wood. You need to puff a lot of this into the hole then fill it with a color matching putty if you are leaving the house natural finish. This task will take some time. As the bees hatch and become adults they come back to the area in which they were born to start the life cycle once again. Until you break this cycle you will continue to have issues with them. Lots of folks use wasp spray, and this is fine to kill the adult bees if you spray it into the holes. However the spray will not get to the larva if it has been sealed closed by the adult so when it hatches there is nothing left to kill it. Dust sealed into the hole has a longer killing life so it is still there when the young come out and begin eating their way out the side of the boards and logs. A professional pest service can help you get this under control and once you are you need to stay on top of their treatments by keeping an eye on the bees and treating them as soon as you see them boring again.

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