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Hidden Jewelry Box

I (Vicki) was inspired to make a jewelry display with a humble bamboo tray from the thrift store. It had seen better days, but still had another life in it. It’s funny how ideas evolve—when I brought it home, my first thought was to add wine corks to the bottom and use it as a serving tray. I tried the corks, but was unhappy with the look as corks are not a consistent size, plus I had fewer than I thought so the corks only covered about 1/3 of the way. Then I remembered I had sheets of cork and two thickness would work as a mini cork board, and then I thought it would be cool to add a hinged magnet board so stuff could be hidden behind it, then, then, then, this happened…
…I totally went from mini bulletin board to jewelry display with a secret compartment. This really is a display as I don’t actually wear all this rhinestones jewelry but I do like to look at it. (I’ve always been attracted to shiny things—I still have rhinestones I removed from jewelry as a kid!) ​
- Bamboo or wood tray—this one is 8” X 13"
- Metal sign—this one is 8” X 8” from Michaels and just happened to fit perfectly, I soaked it in water and used Goo Gone to remove the picture which was actually a large sticker
- Cork sheets—these are 12" x 12” tiles.
- Spray paint—Rust-Oleum seaside
- Magnets—5mm Neodymium Disc Magnets
- E 6000 Craft Glue (toxic—use in well ventilated area)
- Scrap of velvet from the other project
- Cardboard
- Small frame
- Rub 'n Buff in patina
- Spray adhesive
​- Glue gun/hot glue
Step 1: Cut two pieces of cork to fit the tray. Glue together, glue into place in the tray.
Step 2: Spray paint all the parts, tray, metal sign (after the sticker is removed), frame, & cork. Use the Rub ’n Buff on the frame if desired.
Step 3: Drill holes in which to fit the magnets. Go slowly as you don’t want the holes to deep. Follow the instructions for the E6000 glue and glue into place. Let dry overnight or for the time recommended in the instructions. ​
Step 4: Cut the cardboard to size, spray with spray adhesive, attach velvet. Glue this in place in the tray. I used a couple of map pins to hang the necklace on in the secret compartment.
And your done! A nice jewelry display with a secret!
Check out our blog for more details.

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