Asked on Jun 7, 2013

How to make a jewelry hanger folder out of a cereal box.

Airforcemom RprattKMS Woodworks


i dont kno where i seen this to make a jewelry hanger folder.out of a cereal box.?
3 answers
  • KMS Woodworks
    on Jun 8, 2013

    Is this something you saw here on HT?...or elsewhere on the web? I've seen a number of crafts made from cereal boxes, but I prefer to work in more durable materials, like wood.

  • Airforcemom Rpratt
    on Jun 8, 2013

    yeah thats what im was some where else i believe,but thats ok.i am makeing a different hanger i seen a pic of browsing around on.thank you so much.

  • Airforcemom Rpratt
    on Jun 17, 2013

    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.

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