Asked on Jun 8, 2013

Bleeding Heart is the Name and Blooms in the Springtime on One Wall

DorothyJudyJudy Hurless


I would like to grow more of these to cover a good part of the concrete back wall in the garden. they survive and bloom each year but is not reproducing growth.
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  • Becky (J) P
    on Jun 8, 2013

    that's a fuschia. I love them & bleeding hearts.

  • Patricia W
    on Jun 9, 2013

    I have that same Fuschia on my front porch! Love it!

  • Z
    on Jun 9, 2013

    Yep, @ is correct, this is a Fuchsia. And what a beautiful specimen it is.

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jun 9, 2013

    Fuschias are beautiful plants but not one for covering a wall. If you tell us how much sun you get there and what zone you are in we may be able to come up with some suggestions.

  • P
    on Jun 9, 2013

    Beautiful Fuchsia, not Bleeding Heart. It is not really a wall climber though...more like hanging pots etc.

  • Megan Smith
    on Jun 9, 2013

    Discuss dress easy to propagate from cuttings if you want more of this plant, but it is not a climber.

  • Mikell Paulson
    on Jun 9, 2013

    You could do cuttings! Make sure that you have a few stem buds and dip into rooting compound and then into a starting bed. Light and loamy soil and keep the soil moist but not real wet. Set them in a bright location , but not any sun! In about 3 week if you give them a little tug they should be firm, they should not pull out! You got roots! Have fun! There are a lot of plants that I start this way!

  • Janet
    on Jun 9, 2013

    Bleeding heart is not a climber. It is very pretty though and likes a semi shaded area best. Wish we could grow a perennial fuchsia here in Alberta.

  • Dawn MW
    on Jun 10, 2013

    Looks like the Fuchsia is in too much shade....there are ferns within the greenery behind it. Ferns usually are in the shadier part of gardens. The Fuchsia will be happy in a hanging basket where it will cascade nicely.

  • April E
    on Jun 10, 2013

    what you have is fuchsia I would suggest switching to clerodendron as it will vine to cover the wall and you can get it in a similar coloring and the flowers while smaller than a fuchsia have a similar look and they have the same sun requirement (they both like some shade)

  • April E
    on Jun 10, 2013

    what you have is fuchsia which is a mounding and draping plant but will not cover a wall for you but for a similar tropical look and color in a vining plant that will cover your wall and live in the same conditions try this Clerodendron x speciosum or tropical bleeding heart I think you will enjoy it and it performs well in your area

  • Judy Hurless
    on Jun 14, 2013

    Those are not bleeding hearts those are fuchsia.

  • Judy
    on Jul 20, 2014

    Bleeding heart won't climb a wall either. Try honeysuckle, clematis, trumpet vine, morning glory or wisteria for perennials, sweet pea or ornamental beans for an annual. A trellis is helpful.

    • April E
      on Jul 26, 2014

      @Judy maybe if you had read all the posts on this thread you would have seen i already noted that this was fucshia and you would have seen my earlier suggestion maybe if you had not been so quick to copy paste from wiki you would not have sounded so insulting when i was just wanting to tell you about a climbing clerodendron (without implied insult at the time) i also find it interesting that you attempt to say you are not insulting but then get rude saying all conversation is ended. also if you will note where the origional post is from (southern california) most clerodendron are hardy there as are the fucshia she has. just saying .

  • Dorothy
    on Jul 22, 2014

    A great wall cover is autumn clematis....smaller flowers in white, great scent, late summer and fall flowers and interesting seeds (which will germinate and volunteer more plants).

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