Asked on Apr 26, 2012

anyone out there ever work with a company called Service Magic.....

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  • It is a paid advertising program so anyone can join. They charge you for every "lead" . . . most of which are not qualified.

  • Burco Surface & Decor LLC.
    on Apr 26, 2012

    ive wasted some money with them, wont ever do it again. Basically you and 2 or 3 other contractors will get the call and all show up at the same time to the same place to look at a job. You either get into a price war with the other contractors and under cut each other or you band together and all give the same price. It just puts you and the homeowner in an awkward position, I would look for other options if i were you.

  • Joe S
    on Apr 26, 2012 has some references. There are other options like and

  • Solutions Electric, Inc.
    on Apr 26, 2012

    thanks guys....

  • I started with service magic many years ago, before they become real big. The leads at the time were great as there were not as many contractors signed up. As time went on, the leads become much more difficult to get as more and more contractors got involved and found it became much to difficult to compete with those who low balled numbers all the time. I would agree with Budco, I would not use them again. I have tried a few other newer lead generation sites, but service magic is the one everyone tends to contact. If your looking for a method of generation of leads, Do what I did with a group of local contractors did. We started our own lead generation group. Sort of like a BNI or La'tip group we met once a month, and only contractors who complemented each other were selected to join in the fun. We all chipped into a single large page ad in the paper each week with the focus being on one contractor each week. We all had logos and were also within the ad but only one contractor each week was focused. We contracted with a local phone answering service which we all got the messages that came in and we all became involved with how the lead went. The benefit was that as an example, our painter was called to do a job, he of course required some carpentry work to be done. This resulted in our landscaper to come in to prep the bushes so he could do the repairs. Then the carpenter of the group did the repairs. The key to this working is that everyone needs to be on board with this program. While of course the painter could have done the carpentry, and the tying back of the bushes. It was an agreement between all of use to try to use as many of the others in the group as we could. We also agreed not to try to over price any one job so everyone got some work out of the project. We do not get rich but it keeps us busy and gets our name in a full page ad each week splitting it 10 ways. So its cheep for us and each of us relies on each others reputation as when people see a contractor within our group that they trust and see were all working together, they tend to use everyone else as a result. Hope this helps! Bob

  • Solutions Electric, Inc.
    on Apr 28, 2012

    thanks for the help Bob....

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