Monster thunderstorm yesterday

We here in little old Yakima had a monster thunderstorm yesterday afternoon.Nothing like Texas or other places, but for us it was huge. You almost couldn't see where you were driving. It was very brief,but awesome and impressive. Like the days of Noah, maybe.
My cat was so scared she started yowling real loud and then ran under the desk where I was, and hunkered down. I forgot the bedroom wIndow was open, wow! At least all those new plants I bought yesterday sitting in their pots in the garden , waiting, got watered. And beaten down a little.I turned off all elecronics just in case. Makes you appreciate the POWER of natural forces when you see something like this. At least there was no hail like in Texas.
I was going to post pics of my beautiful crabapple tree which just started blooming, but half the petals are on the ground now!
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