I guess these are termites?

I came across them when digging a hole to put a strawberry plant in. I took a closeup photo with my cell phone. Maybe where I was going to plant the strawberries is not a good place to put the strawberries after all?
i guess these are termites, pest control
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jun 09, 2013
    I can see how this might be disconcerting, but I don't think strawberry plants are No. 1 on the termite diet.
  • Barbara Thomas Barbara Thomas on Jun 09, 2013
    You have a termite problem, especially if this is near your house. Check into a solution for this either with professional exterminators or stakes that you can insert into the ground yourself.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jun 09, 2013
    If you see evidence near your house, you might want to call a termite person to inspect your house and treat it. Termites advance slowly, but they can ruin your house. Check around the foundation to see if you see what appears to be dirt trails up the side of the house near the bottom. It is better to be safe.
  • Sharon Crosby Sharon Crosby on Jun 09, 2013
    Thanks. I thought I had posted that this is not near the house, but it looks like I forgot to mention that after all. Still I think it's a good idea to check for signs of termites around the house just to be safe. Thankfully they are less of a problem in southern Utah, but there are still some varieties that do cause problems from what I can gather.
  • Yup termites. Most yards contain thousands of these insects. If your wondering if you have a concern with them getting into the house use a little trick to find them. Purchase a 1x2 fir wood strip at the local lumber yard. Then cut this into 12 inch stakes. Hammer each stake into the ground about four feet apart about four inches away from the foundation of the home. Hammer them in about two thirds and leave them for about a month. After a month come back and pull the wood stakes out and look for insects or damage. If the termites are active near the house then you need to treat. If the sticks come out just dirty, place them back into the ground and leave them for another month. Check monthly until the freeze of winter comes. Then start again in the spring. An active termite nest will find the wood quick if they are near enough to the house to access it and do damage to it. Of course if your really concerned have a pro come in and do a professional inspection As far as treatment, unless you have active termites do not treat. Your only wasting your money. Wait until you have activity if ever.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jun 10, 2013
    We have had a termite bond on our houses for the past 52 years. In the deep south like Georgia, it is not "if" your are going to get termites, it is "when"!
  • Sharon Crosby Sharon Crosby on Jun 10, 2013
    Thanks, Woodbridge Environmental. That is very useful information.
  • Gina S Gina S on Jun 20, 2013
  • There is bait stations you can get at the big box home centers. You want to bait them, so they bring the bait back to the nest to remove all of them. Killing them with sprays will do very little to remove the buggers and they will then go looking somewhere else to munch on. If they are far away from any structure, It is really not that big a deal, It means that the tree is dead or dying. They do not feed on live trees.
  • Keller Pest Control Keller Pest Control on Apr 26, 2014
    As far as termites in the trees or planting areas that's normal and common. to treat these areas is questionable as far as legal treatments and also effectiveness. Those areas while a pain in the neck they are not as concerning to me as your house would be. You should get the property inspected by a professional company. As far as biology and treatment. The bait systems at home centers are ineffective and a waste of money. They contain a stomach toxicant that will kill some termites but the rest of the termites will move away from the bait when the other termites start to die. If you use a bait system use Advance or Sentricon, and you need to hire a licensed pest control company for installing and service. There have been studies done that say there are as many as 13 termite colonies in the soil per acre of land . The colonies are as deep as 4-30 feet in the ground. They can cover an area as big as 10000 square feet. Termites are blind and they do what's called constant and random foraging. (always looking for something to eat) Since they are blind they did studies to determine how do they find food. What they found out is that the termites look for temperature differentials (concrete slabs wood piles. house garage floors ) So they will very commonly come up under the front porch or high slabs like the garage floor. They need a hairline crack 1/64 of an inch to gain access to your house. And once they find a food source they leave a food pheromone to find their way back. They don't do damage quickly but they do it constantly so the damage can become significant before you can find it. Termites are something you need a professional for and if you are to treat it I would strongly recommend Termidor liquid barrier its the safest most effective way to treat now. Its more cost effective also. You can expect to pay 4-5 dollars a linear foot. Average house is 200-300 linear foot. It should be 800-1500 dollars depending on amount of concrete and difficulty in treatment. Also lending rules have changed recently and treatments are required almost always now to sell the home if there is any evidence within 35 feet. The insurance studies show you are 5 times more likely to get termites than have a fire. Also they do 4 times more damage than storms do each year.
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