Once again, I need help

Area in front of my house we let the weeds grow wild, all for leaving things for tomorrow (procrastinate)..i'm going to do it myself because my budget don't rich to paid a professional. I all ready pull all the weeds ( the easy ones) but since it has rocks and many years no taking care of the weeds, roots are all over underneath the plastic ( the one that they place to set rocks ) what I should do?? to clean everything and get my garden going.. thanks for everything ...
wild weeds growing all over
as you can see underneath the rocks and plastic, roots grow wild to.. how can i kill them and start with my garden?
this is underneath my window
after I pull the weeds, still i need to get rid off the weed roots...

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  • Kauai Breeze
    on Mar 17, 2016

    The only recommendation I have is solarization. Remove the rocks and plastic then remove or cut the crab grass short. Water the area, then cover it completely with clear plastic, pushing the edges of the plastic down into the dirt to keep it in place. The sun will "bake" the soil and kill anything trying to grow under it. This could take two months, but afterward you will have a blank slate. Don't forget to turn over the soil removing any speck of roots. Add compost and fertilizer while digging. Add a deep border (8-12") sunk into the earth several inches to help keep grass roots from traveling into the garden. Old vinyl decking planks work great for that.

  • Audrey
    on Oct 6, 2016

    Again,boiling water.

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