Asked on Jun 9, 2013

Ceiling fan has started to wobble. I cleaned blades,and now it won't

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spin without wobbling. I can't remember how to balance. Any suggestions?
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  • Susan Baker
    on Jun 9, 2013

    Mic, first make sure all the fittings are still tight (you can check by using your screwdriver to be sure there are no loose screws on the body of the fan where it connects to the ceiling and on the blades where they connect to the fan). Having done that, and if your fan still wobbles, you may need to buy a little kit of ceiling fan weights (I bought mine at Lowe's in the lighting section - about $5.00). Inside that little kit are small weights to attach to the tops of the fan blades to even out the wobble. The further you place the weight toward the distant end of the fan blade, the more pronounced the correction will be. I usually begin by placing one weight midway on the top of one fan blade and turn the fan on high. Then, I adjust that weight to reduce the wobble. After that, I attach another weight to the opposite side's blade and repeat the adjustment until the wobble stops when at high speed. It should also have fixed the wobble at lower speeds. Hope this helps.

  • Jeanette S
    on Jun 10, 2013

    I remember when fans came with weights to be added to them. I don't recall the sequence, but they worked.

  • Margaret
    on Apr 15, 2015

    Tape a penny to the blade that is out of balance. Keep adding pennies, 1 at a time until it runs smoothly.

  • Elaine Simmons
    on Jun 2, 2015

    The one in our living room makes an annoying ticking sound. Anybody have a cure for that?

    • Mic M
      on Jun 2, 2015

      @Elaine Simmons Tighten the screws on cover cap at ceiling.

  • Elaine Simmons
    on Jun 2, 2015

    Thanks Mic M! I will have to ask my hubby as we have 10 foot walls.

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