Asked on Apr 29, 2012

Is there an easy way to clean the grills on a gas stove? I try to keep up with it regularly by wiping them clean after

LinDiane MB. Reynolds


cooking, but must admit I sometimes get in a hurry and do a hit and miss job. Then later, they're covered with ugly baked-on areas that I have to apply real elbow grease to get them clean. I usually soak them in hot, soapy water and then clean them with a wet cloth and cleanser -- the non-abrasive kind -- but often then have to use a Brillo-type pad for tough spots. But even so, then I have to use a knife for tiny spots in corners and unless I'm in a very dedicated mood, I still leave small areas. It's a chore and a half and surely I must have overlooked a product that will make this an easy job. Suggestions?
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  • We simply remove them and take them outside. Then using large tin foil make a pan of sorts to hold them. Then use a good quality oven cleaner and spray the heck out of them. Cover over and leave for several hours. When we come back we open the foil up and wash with hose. They end up looking like new. When the inside of the oven gets bit crunchy on the bottom, we remove that part and do the same. Once you scratch the surface the staining tends to become more and more difficult to remove. So use care when using any kind of abrasive cleaning tool if you can.

  • Louise
    on Apr 29, 2012

    I'd thought about oven cleaner, but never tried it. Seems I read somewhere that it would harm them. What brand do you use?

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Apr 29, 2012

    Have you tried your dishwasher?

  • Aruba L
    on Apr 29, 2012

    We had coated cast iron and soaked them individually, overnight in a ziploc bag filled with 1/2 C. straight ammonia. Wash with sponge and rinse in the morning.

  • Louise
    on Apr 29, 2012

    I don't think I've tried the dishwasher. Does that get baked on stuff off? Mine are cast iron coated, too, so maybe I'll also try the soaking overnight in a ziplock. Right now they're pretty clean since I took lots of time scrubbing yesterday.

  • Andrea J
    on May 2, 2012

    My husband turns it on for a couple min, then scrapes it with a wire brush

  • KMS Woodworks
    on May 3, 2012

    cleaning also depends a bit on "what" the material is....enamel over steel...stainless steel..etc. On my outdoor BBQ the rack is just plain steel and is a mixture of rust and baked on what ever...I use a wire "grill" brush

  • B. Reynolds
    on Mar 23, 2013

    soak them over night with 1/2 cup ammonia in a sealed trash bag.I tried cleaning the stove pans with the ammonia method and it worked great. I just put them in a ziplock bag with 1/2 cup ammonia and let them sit over night. Washed in soapy water and no scrubbing.Look like new.

  • Diane M
    on Apr 1, 2013

    the grills on my stove were awful I tried cleaning them regually but to no avail. My grates are removable what works great for me is filling my sink with very hot water adding a good squeeze of liquid dis soap and a cup and half bleach. Let them soak overnight and they look great no rubbing or scrubbing.

  • Lin
    on Sep 7, 2015

    try a steam cleaner

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