30 Creative Ceiling Ideas That Will Transform Any Room

You've done the accent wall, but have you thought about that big, blank canvas over your head?

By Hometalk Highlights

Ditch The Popcorn Ceiling With A Knife

Use a compound knife and scrape off the popcorn, then cover with a skim coat.

Repaint Your Ceiling Fan To Brighten The Room

Dismantle the fan, spray paint the light bulb sockets, replace the globes, and spray paint the blades.

Use Cedar Wood To Line The Ceiling

Cut cedar wood with the Ryobi Circular Saw, and use a nail gun to cover the entire area.

Add Spinning Wagon Wheels To Your Ceiling

Remove any dust or rust with a brush, spray Satin Finish Spray, and attach chain links.

Repaint A Ceiling Medallion Bright Colors

Coat in a white primer, highlight with blue and metallic shades, then add a glaze.

Paint The Night Sky With Ragging

Paint the base color, then coat with another and bloat with a rag, and add latex glaze.

Add Fabric To Ceiling Beams

Cut curtains lengthwise, and use a heavy duty stapler.

Repurpose An Iron Medallion Onto The Ceiling

Drill out the center of an iron piece, clean up the burs with a dremmel, and secure with a rod.

Create A Fancy Draped Ceiling With Fabric

Use Soil Separator Trench Wrap and apply cable straps on each corner.

Use An Elaborate Metallic Stencil

Press stencil into the ceiling and lightly dust the paint onto the area.

Cover Popcorn Ceilings With Shiplap

Use euro pine planks to coat the ceiling, then coat in primer and paint to finish.

Coat Your Ceiling In A Giant Map

Coat ceiling in crown molding and paint with ASCP with rustic wax finish.

Cover Ceiling Seams With Barb Wire

Cut lengths of barb wire and decorate with a giant star in the center.