Asked on May 1, 2012

vinyl inground pool liners

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I have a choice of paying an extra $100.00 to go with a 28 mil vinyl for my inground pool or no a 20 mil for no extra cost, any information will be appreciated for my decision thank you
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  • The thicker liner will last a much longer time as long as your properly closing the pool up in the winter. We had a thicker liner on our pool and it lasted over 15 years before the sun just bleached out the pattern. We purchased a thinner liner because of cost and it only lasted five years. However there seems to be some other advice that the thinner liner can last longer. The thinking is that the thinner liner tends to conform better to uneven base or walls, allowing it to stretch better. While uneven surfaces with the thicker liner tends to tear it. But my experience tells me that my thicker liner was a better choice.

  • I see no benefit to the thicker liner. The 20 mil will last (hold water) just as long. The liners get changed more do to fading than deterioration long before they leak. There are some really cool new colors like this on that is tan pebbles printed on a light tan vinyl.

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