Shower Curtains From 4 Generations..repurposed, Remade and Redefined

It's finally done, the shower curtain that took 15 years in the making! Actually the gathering of the hankies and the waiting on a decent sewing machine. Basically, collect alot of womens' hankies, zigzag stitch them to old window sheers or other sheer material, sew ribbon scraps to the top and they are made.
Pinning the hankies to the sheers outside on a beautifuul day.
The pair of sheers was my great-grandmother Mary's and the hankies are from various women in my family and those gathered from thrift store and antique malls.
All pinned up and ready for sewing.
Hanging up in the bathroom.
ribbon scraps about 12 inches long that are tied to the hooks for the plastic curtain liner.

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