Asked on Feb 12, 2011

Hi Emily-the best advice I received about clearing up a garbage disposal was be aware of what I'm putting down it.

Sharon TexadaJames A


(especially in regards to the grade of the disposal) Food items that expand, such as noodles, rice, etc should be tossed in the trash. Also make sure to run the water, start the disposal, then put the food down it and let the disposal run 15-30 seconds after it sounds like all the food is "disposed". Also many people say to take the smell out put a lemon down it, but they causes fruit flies, I just use lemon juice with hot water and thats work just fine. Hope this helps!
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  • James A
    James A
    on Feb 14, 2011

    Your disposal should be able to eat almost anything. Bones should be put through them to sharpen them. Run it more frequently so food doesn't have a chance to swell. Coffee grounds make it smell better. And disposals can be run without any water running at all. They are TOUGH.

  • Sharon Texada
    Sharon Texada
    on Sep 13, 2015

    Don't have a disposal

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