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Wine Bottle Makeover & More

This afternoon in Belgrade was dark and rainy, perfect for any home project.Whether I was bored or..... I don`t know, I just found myself going through my stuff, paints, and things looking for inspiration.I have this wine bottle for a while and I was not able to throw it out because it's sort of beautiful.I painted bottle in gray, add white details, and then used the technique of scratching the paint (famous Sonaj technique) that all embellish it a little bit more. In the end I added the blog monogram on pearly lable.Now a bottle can be used as a vase or a wine bottle, but in any case it will be lovely detail on the table.Then I found a fabric label that was on the trousers that I bought recently and realized it was perfect for bookmark!!On both sides I pasted two types of the blue wallpaper, add an letter "R" for the word Read and letter "M" for the word Memories and a small hook so i can attach it to a sweater while reading.I have to say that one side moves, so it is very practical for labeling.Now I`ll always know where I stopped reading :)Cute, isn`t it?These two beautiful plaster paintings I got from Natasha and I hope that she will not get mad cause I changed it a bit and add colors to fit in with my decor.

To see more: http://vesna-kreativnostidrugesitnice.blogspot.com/2013/06/wine-bottle-makeover-more.html

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